Sunday, February 14, 2010

Finding and Getting True Blue Fans (TBF)

Many artist & their bands can sing & play, but, they are amazed (sometimes mad) when the audiences fail to connect with them.  When, in reality, the artist and her band have failed to connect with the audience.
Artist and bands work on perfecting their play list of songs to sound like the studio version or the 'cover' version they hear. They throw in some comments; a few dance moves, different uses of the mic, etc.
Isn't that a 'Good Thing'?  To some degree, but when an artist and her band take the stage, their show becomes an experience that must entertain their audiences!  Everything happening, on stage, is 
.  There are no edits to make the show more entertaining.  What an audience sees & hears is what the artist and her band have created for them.  
If I go see a movie and it doesn't entertain, connect, or excite me, then most of the time I actually take short naps.  Do you want to look out, from the stage, and see many with their backs to you or sleeping or walking out the door during your first or second set?  Absolutely want their attention focused on you and your band.
Most artist/bands never think about changing up a song to allow it to 'CONNECT' with their audience. And, if you don't connect and create special moments of memory, then, in most cases you will not have won over new fans & you certainly will not have what every artist should strive to have and that is:  
  Yes, that is a KSE exclusive.  TRUE BLUE FAN (TBF) are WHAT EVERY ARTIST MUST HAVE to sustain longevity as an INDIE touring band.  
TBF will become the most important part of your TEAM.  They will always be your biggest asset.  Without them, you're headed for a short lived career in music. 
TRUE BLUE FANS are fans that will show up for your shows with new fans. They are the ones that will buy tickets, merchandise, and leave tips in your tip jar, call radio stations, campaign daily for you.  They will create and help maintain a buzz about you. 
Most young inexperienced bands and some mature bands can only tour if they can meet expenses. To me there is nothing more boring than watching a talented band that never changes anything in their act except songs.  If you want to develop into a successful touring female artist, you and your band must have an ever changing show that makes audiences want to come out time and time again to feel and experience new memorable moments they feel connect you & them for a lifetime.  I assume all aspiring artist want to perform their music for a lifetime??
Developing into a "live" exciting and passionate entertainer takes time much practice, money, and developing TRUE BLUE FANS!  It's like going from grade, Jr. High, and High School to getting your Bachelors, Masters and your PhD.  After you have completed those degrees, you need continuing updates and training.  
All Roads lead to the STAGE must be incrementally & continually improved by mastering all the baseline stages.  Once this is accomplished, an artist & her band will forever be developing their passion into creative performances which make connecting moments that create lifetime memories that will change audiences into new fans.  These new fans will become lifetime TRUE BLUE FANS, which means SUCCESS,  for you, The Indie Female Touring Artist & Band.

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Saturday, February 13, 2010


It is no secret that the music biz is and continues to be one of the shadiest industries around

Businesses, both online and off, pop up every day claiming that they can skyrocket your career to the absolute tops and in doing so:

  • get you a Major Label Deal
  • get your music in front of the Top A&R people in the biz
  • procure you spins on the Biggest Commercial Radio Stations throughout America and the world
  • secure you write-ups and press reviews in the industry's Top Periodicals

Oh...and it only costs this little one time, up-front, fee of #?$&@.

Bottom line: ARTIST BANDS BEWARE!!  There is no quick route to music success!!

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ever-Changing Marketing

The consumer mindset has shifted from, “I can trust it because it’s somebody’s opinion” to “I can trust that specific opinion because it’s someone I know.”

So it would seem that finding an Influencer and using tricks of the trade to get them to bark or “tweet” about your brand may soon become a defunct strategy, since more and more consumers are getting hip to the fact that behind that influential status update, blog post or tweet are marketers pulling strings and leveraging their own personal networks to drive a message into the social media sphere.

It’s critical, then, that at the center of any good marketing effort is a strong relationship. One built on trust and the consistent delivery of a good product or service.

It’s also worth pointing out that if, indeed, the playing field on which traditional media channels (TV, radio and print) play with what many still like to call “new media” is level, then one is no more potent than the other. They are all simply tools one can use to communicate with customers in a personal, meaningful and relevant way.

One thing’s for sure. The world of marketing continues to change at breakneck speeds. What’s hot one day will most assuredly become cold the next.

But in a world that changes every second, we can be sure one thing will surely change less often and less drastically than the media landscape—the human desire to believe that the choices we make are sound. We will choose brands that help us do just that.

Then the confirmation comes in when we suggest that our closest friends do the same.

Posted via email from Music Business Information