Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Political Posts on Facebook


I will be 'gearing down' my political post over the next few months.  My intentions are to only post significant items, not all the 'garble' coming from all the different news media. 

I know many of us have more enjoyable things to work on, or at least I do. Mainly writing better blogs and posting at least weakly on the 10 or so blogs I have neglected during the last 18 months. 

My passion for years is in the country music market, promoting/booking/ helping/supporting all female artists in that genre.  

I will continue to vote for candidates I believe are the right people. But, my advocating a few candidates day in and day out will be reduced by 50-80%. The main reason is doing what's right for American according to our Constitution no longer appears relevant to 50%+ of voters as well as politicians who are more talk than 'do', in DC.  

Bottom line, I have always voted for those candidates who I believe will uphold the principles our Founders laid out so eloquently a long time ago. 

Truth, facts, right versus wrong, God versus Evil, today, appear to NO longer be what a majority of Voters desire or want.

I am and always have been a person motivated by success, by ' positive results', which means seeing progress in what you allocate most of your time to, daily.  

My God save and bless America!!  Dittos to the Great State of Texas!!

NOTE: I am not leaving Facebook, just moving to the political sideline. Oh I may run out in the middle of the road, on occasions, but, for now, I have no desire to continue standing on that political road.  Rest assured when the 2014 and 2016 elections come around, my political activity will increase..... :)

Cheers, my friends.  All of YOU are APPRECIATED!!