Saturday, June 6, 2009


Having a connected tight band may be one of the most time consuming frustrating things an artist or manager has to do, even if you have good musicians. It has mostly to day with musician's egos. Egos that allow them to believe they know how to do everything better than anyone else & they are just too good to learn.

Then you have the trouble of them taking rehearsals seriously. Rehearsals are more like ‘goof off’ time. They only want to be serious/professional when they are on stage. Many new artist find themselves on very small stages, where a 4 or 5 piece band will barely fit, much less have space to move around.

Lastly, you have band members who believe their only job is to play & not be a team player. No matter how good a musician is, if they refuse to be a team member & work just as hard as everyone else; do yourself a favor & part ways. Sooner or later you most likely will any way. The song dictates stage energy at specified times from each band member. Some songs, everyone will be high energy. But no one should outshine the lead singer, unless it’s a part of the connecting moment within the song.

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