Thursday, June 11, 2009

TODAY'S Indie Development

Yes, 90% of an indie artist development/career is up to them.

Looking deeper, into the details, one must recognize this will involve assembling a trusting team of passionate professionals. This team’s charter is to get this long train (the artist) moving. As with a long train, no matter it’s destination, the train, always begins moving slowly.

Major record labels are not longer the “engine”, at most, they are only the caboose, Some trains no longer have a caboose, because trains, have figured out the caboose was just extra weight they had to pull & really were not beneficial in helping them reach their destination. Cabooses were painted red, which to a train signaled “The End”.

Will there always be a need for labels, maybe, but, their success will depend on how much they are willing to become an asset & not an impediment to an artist career. When labels start listening to what fans/customers want is when their roles may become more important. When they are willing to change their business models to benefit the artist and connect with fans, is the day their importance will stop diminishing. If they do this, all artist need to recognize there will still be few slots to fill. So, most artist will continue to be truly independent. This means becoming more involved not only in their music, but, in the business end. Assembling a lean knowledgeable team that is totally committed to building a large fan base which is & will continue to be, the “key” to their success.

Do you have your team in place?

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