Monday, November 30, 2009

Three Things to Always Include in Your Email Newsletters

1. Always let fans know what you’ve been up to! Bottom line: fans aren't mind readers,
so if you want them to know about all the crazy adventures you've been getting into,
then tell them directly, or better yet, SHOW them with photos, etc. Remember, you
don't have to tell them everything, but a little insight into your daily life will help fans
relate to you ‐and getting fans to relate to you is the first step in creating a stronger fan

2. Are you going on tour? Include your tour dates! The more a fan sees the tour dates
the less likely they are to forget about an upcoming show in their area. Did you just
release a new song/album? Include "exclusive" info about the song/album! Well, I think
you get the picture... bonus points by the way if you make sure to always include direct
links in your newsletter to where fans can buy tickets, get more info, etc. (aka your callto‐

3. Link to your social networks! It’s always good to have more friends and fans on
Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc. While email is the most effective channel when it
comes to getting your fans attention, these other networks certainly also give you other
opportunities to get your message heard. So, make it super easy for fans to connect
with you on these networks.
A good rule of thumb in marketing is that the easier you
make it for your clients to do what you want, the more likely they are to do it!

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