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Traces of You by Brenda Ribeiro




Name of Artist: Brenda Ribeiro
Booking: 214.773.2087
Album Title: Traces of You 
Genre: Easy Listening, Gospel
Label: Indie (Brenda Ribeiro)
Produced By: Gary Long
Manager: Scott January
Recorded/Mixed/Mastered By: Gary Long
Studio: Nomad (Carrollton, Texas)
Arranger: Timothy Ayers
Co-writer: Timothy Ayers 
Studio Musicians:
Eric Tolliver, Denis Campos, Mike Smith,Tim Ayers, Paul Wiggins, Scott January


Reviewer: Lee Alford
Company: KleerStreem Entertainment


First things first. Yes, this review is off it's original schedule. Why??? I noticed Brenda's Birthday is's late because I wanted it to be my birthday present to her. 


This album, as I understand, remains a work in process. It currently has 3 songs on it with more to come.

Although it's name Traces of You is great, as I listened to it, the only thing I could think of was:  "Songs From The Soul".

I first heard Brenda sing a few years ago and her passion combined with her wonderful voice caught my attention, even though it was at a Karaoke event.

After I received these 3 songs, I did what I always do with new recordings; I listened to them to get a feel if I wanted to listen to them again. After the first one started, I had to stop what I was doing, because of the 'connection' it made with me through a beautiful strong voice endowed with soulful passion.

Now, after listening to all 3 songs, 5 times, with and without headphones, I give Brenda's 3 song CD 4 ½ Stars. I am tempted to go 5 Stars, but, I don't want her to get a 'big' head. :) However , I did rate one song 5 stars...the highest rating I give anyone.

Song #1....TRACES Of YOU

Listen/Purchase Here:

This is the song that stopped me. It's that captivating. It reminds me of that EF Hutton commercial that says: When EF Hutton speaks, everyone listens. When Brenda sings everyone listens. Brenda's voice combined with her beautifully written lyrics comes from her soul.

My feelings during this song were real with that great connecting feeling we cherish with all songs. It's soulful and I felt, very truthful.

The best songs, as we all know, are based on one's life's experiences. Traces made me feel I was being told about Brenda's life experiences through her beautiful vocalized lyrics.

The choice of instruments are superb!

Not a complaint, but, this song at 6 minutes and 6 secs should be reduced to under 6 minutes for royalty reasons, if possible.

Song #2....TRENCHES

Listen/Purchase Here:

Easy listening on this song in a bluesy real to perfection way.

Conveyance of how deep one must go to connect; a sort of protection from all the hurt in this world. But, the one real connection is with God.

Instruments are awesome, with keys in step with lyrics.

Rating 4 ¾ Stars out of 5

Song is 4 minutes and 18 seconds.

Song #3....LOVE YOU BACK
Listen/Purchase Here:

All of us search for everlasting love, at first, through mortals here on earth. To me, this song, is Brenda connecting with an unwavering love that will never forsake her, through good times or not so good times. 

This song states clearly, God's love is the 'perfect' love that never fades or fails us, even if we do fail HIM.

Brenda nails all the lyrics which gives this song passion extraordinaire!

I love this song arrangements and the instruments are awesome.

Song is 4 minutes and 19 seconds.

My rating is 5 BIG STARS


Pick this CD's great....and one you will treasure forever!!!

Additional Information about Brenda
Brenda Ribeiro was born in Turlock California and exposed to music at a very early age. Both of her parents were Christian Music Recording Artists who taught her and her sister to sing and harmonize as a family group. Her first public performance was at the age of two and she began writing songs at the age of 14. Spending part of her childhood and young adult years in Northern Nevada, she was involved in musical theater and also performed as entertainment for venues such as MGM Grand Reno, The Nugget and The Miss Nevada Pageant. She was well received for some of her original Gospel and pop material by secular audiences but her heart belonged to the purposes of God and His calling upon her life. She attended Capital Bible Institute in Sacramento California to prepare for ministry at the age of 20 then soon made her first move to Southeast Texas. After returning to California she served in music and worship ministry for fifteen years, which remains her most, beloved musical expression. As a professional jingle singer, and TV spokesperson, she has a heart for taking the Love and Light of Jesus into the market place where it needs to effectively be seen. Having also had a career in the modeling industry while secretly hiding the physical and emotional effects of domestic violence, Brenda has a passion for helping those who suffer from a broken identity and the devastating effects of abuse in the lives of men, women and children. Her journey has led her to discover who she is and the faithfulness of an ever-present God. The heartbeat of her message is one of hope to encourage those who hurt or hide behind a mask of perfection allowing the perfect love of Christ to minister grace, healing and restoration.

Behind the Tunes and lyrics:

These are three of many songs I wrote during a cocoon season of healing from trauma due to life altering tragedy brought on by the mental illness of a loved one and the tragic death of a very close friend which followed. It was during my darkest and loneliest days that I discovered the presence of God to be what the scriptures describe as "the lover of my soul"...I developed a sort of "Love Affair" with my creator and wrote these songs to reflect my passionate desire and heartfelt thanks for His healing presence that has changed me from once being a victim of abuse to a strong, well equipped woman on a mission to help others to believe in themselves and the God who loves them so much!

Her unique style is derived from diverse musical influences that range from Linda Ronstadt, Dan Fogelberg, Johnny Cash, Faith Hill and Gospel roots.

Finally, Brenda runs a very successful Decorative, Art, and Design Business.

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