Saturday, June 19, 2010

Everybody Doesn't Have To Like You


Yes, rejection sucks, but it's all part of the music process. The process of becoming a good or great artist/entertainer.  Or, worse case, part of the reality of knowing you don't have a future as a self supporting artist/entertainer.  Maybe you were meant to be a great writer, producer, road manager, etc.

Becoming a successful INDIE ARTIST entails so many areas, even having a 'little luck' along your journey.  Success, in this blog, is defined as earning a living that pays all your bills without having to work a second job. Yes, music success is a real business that must have your attention 24/7.  I know many artist who believe music success is nothing more than being able to play, sing, and entertain people and fans regardless of income earned for total support. 

Rejection impacts artist in many different ways.  Everything from anger, to hate, to depression, to developing a very thick skin, that propels most to work harder each day to gain more acceptance and fan support.  Which means less negative emotional attitude.  Learning to handle all the downs is but part of this process to reach the next higher level of your music career.  All valleys have hills, sometimes mountains; all valleys change directions many times.  A music career is a job, albeit a demanding and difficult one. But it can become a fulfilling and fun one provided artist remained focused on continuous incremental daily improvements.  Most all artist start with high expectations only to find the road is not always paved and straight.  Realizing all the family and Opry support was great, but, not extremely relevant in the real world of music.  Rather, it more like pushing a heavy rock up to the mountain's top, before you can push it over to a more successful career.  It's been labeled: PAYING YOUR DUES!  In sales and marketing I call rejection a positive opportunity to develop and overcome adversities.  Rejection must be allowed to roll off your shoulders, thereby, making you stronger, more determined, while keeping you moving forward.

Reviews that don't show you the love you expected are nothing more than learning experiences.  I can assure you there will be many more to come.  An artist grows and matures once they realize this is nothing more than a part of the music process.  Today's critics can become tomorrow's biggest supporters or are dismissed by your fans and friends as totally non-credible because their opinions are just that....Their Opinions. 

But, if the criticism is constructive, get over your bruised ego and make changes you think will work.  Most of all, remember you are in the early part of your career and are after fans that support you.  Those True Blue Fans will generate more positive support than any critic or disgruntle fan. Plus, you are looking for the first 100; then the first 1,000; then the first 5,000; then the first 10,000 fans, etc.  If you must have an ego (most all artist and musicians do) try to develop an ego-free filter that processes only what is relevant while disregarding all the other garbage. 

Make an "ANGER" file that will become your best listener with no criticism.  Put one on your laptop or make one where you write with 'bottom' line clarity what you are really feeling....put these writings in your "ANGER" file and move on.  This way you can move forward without the possibility of someone your trusted spreading rumors.  You may even want to name the file: OPPORTUNITIES.  Who knows, somewhere down the road you may write a great song from your ANGER/OPPORTUNITY file.  Great songs do tell stories about real people's real feelings/experiences.

Rejections or being turned down are all part of the music business and part of life.  If you believe in God, as I hope all artist do, mostly likely being rejected or turn down was not part of HIS plan for you.  God always has a "HIGHER CALLING" for all of us...have faith in HIM to lead you in the right direction. He loves you and will never lead you down the wrong path.  No one can ever take away from you what HE has for you.  Sometimes not getting what you wanted, will save you from larger disappointments.  Continue to work harder towards moving forward while pushing that rock up the proverbial mountain.  Make personal time for yourself and look the mountain top is closer than it was yesterday and have faith it will be closer tomorrow.  Thank God for all your successes along this journey and ask HIM to continue with his daily guidance.

Final thought.....It's impossible to please be like a duck that repels water regardless of how hard it's raining.  You belief in your music will become the energy to discover those that feel the same. 

---KleerStreem Entertainment
    Female Artist Development

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