Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Not every female artist is cut out to be independent or as I refer to them: Indie Independent. Which means you are beholding to no one except yourself and your music.  I believe in today's Music World 2.0, Indie Independent is THE route for 90+% of all artist.  But, before you decide Indie Independent is for you, ask and answer these questions extremely honestly:

  1. Have you done everything you can to be as good as possible?
  2. Can you trade dreams of being a star for the reality of making a living from your music?
  3. Are you willing to bend with suggestions from others?
  4. How much time are you willing to devote to your music, including touring?
  5. Can you commit you life to your career and to no one else, except God?
  6. Can you be a Team Builder?
  7. Will you commit to doing everything yourself (in the beginning), and not assuming someone else will do things for you?
  8. Will you accept and commit to your True Blue Fans, knowing without them, you are nothing in terms of becoming a successful live music/recording/touring artist?
The most important thing you can do for your music career is to hone your craft.  Be the absolute best you can be each day....tomorrow be better than you were today and today be better than you were yesterday.  Don't waste your valuable time on anything that doesn't improve your craft and where you want to go.  

Play LIVE at every opportunity, even if it means playing for tips and merchandise sales only.  If you can't cut it live, success may not be in your future. 

One of the most important things for an artist to become, in addition to having a great voice and great songs, is to become a great communicator.  Can you, with comfort, look at your audience and make them feel 'special'.  It takes practice and spontaneity to make your fans feel they are connected not only to your music, but, to you as well.  Never be in such a hurry as to leave your fans wanting to be part of your career.  

If your songs cause fans to sing along, dance, or for the very personal songs, that causes them to 'stop' in their tracks and listen, then, you are most likely on your way. 

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